About Us

Through our Sacred Covenant, we unite under a shared vision: to heal and restore Mother Earth through the collective power of commitment.

Our journey is a collective one, where Indigenous peoples alongside allies from every corner of the globe, come together in a profound pledge. This sacred covenant is not just a promise; it’s an actionable commitment to live in harmony with our planet, respecting and implementing the wisdom of indigenous cultures for the common good.

Our mission aligns seamlessly with ONE World, an impact hub designed to unite communities for global impact. By joining forces within ONE World, we not only magnify our own efforts but also connect with a broader network of initiatives, resources, and support designed to catalyze our journey toward healing our Mother Earth.

The Signatories Map: Visualizing Unity and Commitment

Central to our About Us page is a Kumu map, a vibrant testament to the organizations and groups who have pledged to uphold the principles of our sacred covenant. Each signatory on this map is a beacon of hope, actively embedding these principles into their operations, decision-making, and advocacy, committed to making a real difference.

Map Legend: Signatory Categories

  • Formal Organizations: Entities with legal recognition, structured with specific missions and objectives.
  • Informal Groups: Loosely organized collectives without formal legal status, united by shared interests.
  • Cultural and Ethnic Groupings: Communities connected by shared heritage, traditions, or identity.
  • Collaborative Alliances: Networks of entities or individuals joining forces for shared projects or causes.
  • Academic and Professional Networks: Educational and professional circles focusing on research, innovation, and expertise.
  • Social Movements: Groups advocating for change through collective actions and advocacy.
  • Communal Structures: Local or community-based systems emphasizing collective governance or organization.

This map serves a dual purpose: showcasing the collective strength of our community and inviting others to join this movement. It’s a symbol of what we can achieve together and a motivation for more to make the pledge, amplifying our impact.

Your pledge intertwines with the collective efforts of those within the Sacred Covenant and the ONE World community, creating a powerful force for the restoration of Mother Earth.