Welcome to the Sacred Covenant, a unified vision to restore Mother Earth and unite humanity.

In an era marked by division and environmental degradation, the Sacred Covenant stands as a beacon of hope and unity. Born from the profound commitment at the historic Second Gathering of the Union of the Condor, Hummingbird, Quetzal, and Eagle, over 250 Indigenous representatives convened at the ancient ceremonial site of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico. Representing the voices of 80 million Indigenous peoples and many allies, this gathering marked a pivotal step in our journey toward peace and harmony, underpinning our shared Sacred Covenant: Unite Humanity. Restore Mother Earth.

Our covenant transcends mere agreement; it is a sacred call to action. It invites us all to embark on a transformative journey—to repair the divisions among us and to become steadfast guardians of our planet. Rooted in the interconnectedness of all life, we aim to dissolve boundaries and foster a global community that honors and sustains the sacred web of life.

Guided by sixteen Indigenous principles, our ethical framework, and a culture of collaboration, we pledge to protect our Mother Earth and nurture a world alive with unity, love, and compassion. Join us in honoring and fulfilling Humanity’s Sacred Mission to create a regenerative world where the sacred web of life flourishes.